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Sex, like an art, is worth imagining, describing, exploring, and feeling no matter what form it is. No sex is set in stone, it is full of changes and unknowns and it is worth your exploration again and again. Okinsei not only provides products, but a variety of sexual pleasure. 
Okinsei uses bold and bright colors, interesting and variable elements, as well as bold and meticulous designs to give people a feeling of being gorgeous, sexy, cute and trendy. Its variable sense differs, just like colorful and mysterious sex itself. The realistically shaped designs and suitable sizes eliminate part of the sexual shame and let you have the courage to dare to go out of line and enjoy unfettered freedom.

Our Vision

Sexuality is about your sexual feelings, thoughts, attractions and behaviors towards other people. It is not stagnant, nor confined to a single fixed form. As does Okinsei, which is playful, alluring and adorable, trendsetting and diverse...
Okinsei aims to provide not just a kind of product but a diverse range of sexual pleasure.

Our Character

Playful, alluring and adorable. Versatile shapes and colors stand for the colorful aspects of sex. Our products are designed and hand crafted to deliver a visual and tactile experience that closely resembles reality.

Our Motto

Exceeding our customer's expectations by letting them experience unmatched sensations.


Okinsei focuses on realistic high quality products allowing the enjoyment of unprecedented pleasure. At Okinsei we adopt the traditional manual flow and natural cooling process, so that the product is balanced and delicate in the formation process and resembles the real elastic and soft texture like a real person. 
We don’t want it to be cold and tough the moment "it" touches the skin, rather a soft and elastic touch like a real person, so that you can't tell the difference between our products and the real thing when you close your eyes and use it. 
We use high-quality materials to create safe products, so that you can enjoy the pleasure without concern. Make sure to connect on  Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. and feel free to leave a comment or send an email to get in touch: sales@okinsei.com.